Blood Sisters – Mini Review

Captivating and utterly brilliant, I couldn’t sing higher praise for this plot… although FYI I’m actually a terrible singer!

It’s told from two perspectives – two sisters – Alison and Kitty. Both were involved in a horrific accident when they were kids and in the present, their lives are still affected. Kitty suffered brain damage which has left her unable to form words, instead her thoughts run around her head with nobody being able to hear them. Alison’s physical injuries healed years ago, but she’s scarred in other ways. Neither seem to fully remember what happened that day… but now is the time to find out.As Kitty’s memory of the day begins to come back in short flashes, Alison finds herself working in a prison. While Kitty’s inability to speak torments her, Alison finds herself being tormented by a prisoner… someone knows the truth.

The build up throughout this book is fantastic, the pace became faster and faster, sucking me in. There’s a lot going on and you had to keep up!

The sisters are polar opposites in their personalities: Kitty is a bit of a diva – bossy and immature; Alison is quieter and kinder. Alison had tried very hard to be a good ‘big sister’ for Kitty but Kitty pushed her away when they were kids. Even in the present day their relationship is fractured and Alison struggles to visit Kitty although this is partly due to guilt.

The prison added a darker, more unsettling setting and I feared for Alison’s safety. It wasn’t easier to work out who was after her because they all seemed shifty.

I liked the complexity of this plot – it was full of plot twists in both the present and the past, and it played with my emotions throughout. Go down to your local bookstore/supermarket and pick it up – it’s worth it.

Until next time, Chloé x


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