Wilde Like Me

I picked this book up since I’m a fan of Louise on YouTube. Having watched her vlogs and seeing her passion to write this story, I was intrigued to find out what the plot would be; what her writing style would be like and finally how similar the main character would be to her.

The last point might have made you frown, but having heard her talk about Robin Wilde being a single mum…. my mind had already concluded that Robin would have a lot of Louise’s traits – and she did. Now that I’ve finished the story, I do question if it would have been different to have read this having not known about the author… because I feel I was constantly seeing the parallels between Robin’s and Louise’s life… which was a major distraction from analysing the book.

What I did like was the fact I felt sucked into Robin’s life right away. The school run, the messy house and the countryside vibe – it all felt so real and easy to picture in my head.

Robin lives with her daughter; Lyla, working as a part time make up artist. She has great friends but she’s lonely – Robin needs to find love. Dating apps = multiple disasters. Robin allows fate to find herself the perfect man… but there are always hiccups on the way to true love, isn’t there?

A trip to New York could bring happiness to all aspects of her life, but will it live up to her dreams, and will she be able to leave behind her daughter?

It was light hearted and relatable. The relationship between Robin and her aunt is one that I felt many readers would have recognised either as a relationship they have them themselves or one they’ve observed between other family members. It’s so important to not take advantage of your family and take time to put yourself in their shoes for a moment. There were times in this book that I felt Robin took advantage of Auntie Kath and was insensitive to her feelings; my eyes would be narrowing in disappointment… but then I’d stop myself and remember that we all do this and most of the time it’s just an unconscious reaction.

Unfortunately I did feel the plot was rather “safe”, a lot of the events were similar to ones I’d read in other books or seen in movies. I didn’t feel there was anything that made this book stand out… here’s hoping that Louise is braver with the plot for the follow on sequel.

Until next time, Chloé x


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