Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay – Mini Review

When Clemency meets Sam on a flight home, she feels an instant connection; they laugh, they flirt and they relax in one another’s company… but it’s not meant to be. Sam never contacts her (even though he’d have liked to) and Clemency continues on with her life.

Except… destiny has pulled them together again and they find themselves thrown into each other’s lives without being able to declare their true feelings.

This was a relaxing chick lit full of laughter and warning moments.

I found it really easy to like the main character; Clemency, she was full of energy and kind to her friends.

Friendship flowed through this book so beautifully and naturally, something that I feel Jill has always perfected in her books.

Clemency works as an estate agent alongside Ronan; a serial romancer, who seems to have had his heart stolen by an unlike culprit. Clemency uses Ronan’s current status of heart to her advantage, which makes for some amusing scenes whilst on double dates with Sam!

There’s a couple of side stories going on which were; in their own right, deeply moving. I found Marina’s story very empowering, she seemed like the kind of lady that didn’t let life kick her down and rose to every opportunity.

I actually struggled to write this review because there was nothing I could fault in it and at the same time, there was nothing that really stood out for me to go off on one about. Similar to Grisham, Mansell has a formula and that formula creates fantastic chick lits that are ‘un-put-downable’

Until next time, Chloé x



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