The Night Circus

I have to get this off my chest first before I wrap up my thoughts on this book. I’m so MAD with myself. I bought this book last winter after hearing some rave reviews about it and excitedly added it to my TBR pile. Then I spotted a few negative tweets about the book saying it was hard to pick it up, slow plot, etc. and I let that completely effect my judgement on the book before I had even read the first page. And soooooo it sat on my TBR pile, week after week, month after month, until finally…. I decided to give it a 50 page trial.

Surprise, surprise…. I loved it and I’m just annoyed with myself that I allowed people’s negative opinions to sway my thoughts. It’s made me think a lot more carefully about what I tweet or write in a review about a book because I’m aware that my opinion can influence whether or not a fellow bookworm chooses to pick up a book. So my number one priority going forward is to ensure that if there is something I don’t like in a book – explain why I didn’t like it in as much detail as possible, so people can understand that it’s just my own personal likes and dislikes that has made me come to that conclusion and that it’s not the book, it’s ME.

Back to the plot…

In a nutshell, this is the most beautiful love story I’ve read in a long time – I was completely and utterly captivated by the tale of Celia and Marco, one might say it ‘cast a spell on me’ – pardon my pun!

Celia and Marco are opponents in a game which they were forced to play and there’s no way of escaping. The setting? A circus, but the most magical and unique circus you will ever read about.

The creators and performers in the circus are taken along for the ride but being exposed to magic for long periods of time has an effect on all, and some handle it better than others.

The game needs to end but who will win?

Bailey can’t stop thinking about the circus since the day it first arrived in his town. He can’t wait for it to return but when it does… what will he do?

Such a quirky book which has left such an impression; I would recommend this to people who enjoyed The Invisible Library, Time’s Echo, the Harry Potter series and even stories crafted by Lucinda Riley… because although Riley doesn’t touch greatly into the fantasy genre – the quality of the writing is on par and the build up of the plot had a similar feeling.

I just wish I had picked it up earlier….

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. I read The Night Circus year ago, and my getting to it was similar to yours. A friend gave it to me, but it just looked too weird for me. Finally, I read it and like you LOVED it!


  2. It’s definitely the most romantic love story I’ve read in a long time, maybe ever. I just LOVE the scene where she meets him in the rain under his magical umbrella! I don’t know why, it just makes me feel so warm and mushy. I’m glad you finally picked it up and loved it so much!


  3. Oh wow! I love this review and comments! I saw this book awhile back, but steered clear of it due to some bad reviews too. You are so right. We really shouldn’t do that and judge the book ourselves rather than letting others influence us. I’ll be adding this to my TBR list 🙂


  4. I made the same mistake, reading a couple of negative reviews and relegating this book to the bottom of a pile of books. Your review has changed my mind, combined with the fact that I just found it on the library bookshelf. I’m reading this weekend. Thanks for helping me change my mind!


  5. This is one book that I have been eyeing though yet to read it. Your review definitely has me convinced. I get what you mean about the tweet. That has happened to me before especially through goodreads whereby negative reviews/low ratings have kept me from reading great books sooner. Glad you enjoyed this one.


    1. It’s so important to not be swayed by negative reviews!! Although I’m not a saint, I’m regularly influenced by them! I can see why others might not like this book, as it’s truly quite unique and you have to allow yourself to let go and be sucked in my the magic of it all 🙂

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  6. I completely agree with you about not letting and reviews put you off a book! It’s very rare that I look up any reviews before I buy a book, if I like the sound of it I read it! I read the Night Circus a couple years ago and whilst I thought it was an absolutely beautiful story and setting, I think I was a little disappointed with the ending! I do remember wanting a bit more to have happened in the book but I did read it a long time ago and I’m a bit older now so I think I’ll appreciate the writing style more! I think I might give this a re-read around christmas time and see if I’m more easily swept up in the magic! ❤ xxx


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