The Couple Next Door – Mini Review

The babysitter has cancelled, the dinner party is only next door… taking the baby monitor and checking on her every 30 minutes seems like an ok option…. what’s the worst that could happen?

The baby is gone – little Cora has been taken.

The press destroys Anne and Marco, making sure the world knows they aren’t perfect parents…. but why aren’t their neighbours; Cynthia and Graham, defending them?

Anne’s rich parents are able to supply a rather substantial amount of money for the safe return of Cora…. but something is OFF.

This was an epic psychological thriller. Blame is thrown in every direction and boy, oh boy it was a gripping plot!!

I found the detective in this story (Rasbach) to be one of the best detectives I’ve read in a plot, in a long time. Why? I think it’s because he was suspicious of the situation from the start – I felt a true connection between his thoughts on paper and my thoughts in my head… Lapena got his character spot on!

With fantastic character portrayal (for all of the characters) and a race against the clock to find Cora safe, this was an addictive read and worthy of a spot on everyone’s thriller bookshelf.

Until next time, Chloé x



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