My Sister’s Bones

I have never known two sisters so disimilar in personality and life choices… and yet they are alike… deep down inside.

The book is split in two halves (ish), the first focussed on Kate who is stuggling with hallucinations and nightmares following a traumatic event in Syria – her last news article assignment before she returned home, to finalise her mother’s trust following her death.

With Kate being a successful reporter who has travelled the world, lives in flashy London and seems like she has it all. It’s no surprise that her alcoholic, stay at home sister wants nothing to do with her, and so Kate ends up sleeping in her mum’s old house where her hallucinations become uncontrollable and a vision of a young boy in the garden torments her until she’s told to leave by the police after an altercation with the neighbour – Fida.

Unable to believe the young boy isn’t real she asks her sister one favour – find out what’s going on next door.

The second half flicks to Sally’s perspective after a very dramatic twist. Determined to do this one thing for her sister, she begins to search for an explanation… but it’s hard – after her daughter ran away as a young teenager she’s been unable to spend a day without the booze… and she needs to beat her demons to distinguish fact from her imagination.

This is an unbelievable debut novel; I gasped, I stayed up late, I was speechless… I was just blown away by the twists in this book. It’s a cleverly stitched together plot which dives back into the past to explain how the rift between the two sisters got as large as it did.

I would recommend this book to all – if was dark, twisted, compelling and thoroughly well written.

Until next time, Chloé x



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