Mini Review – The Girl with a Clock for a Heart

Well, well, well… I’m a happy girl! Loved this plot!

When George spots his old college sweetheart; Liana, he can’t believe his luck. But luck really isn’t on his side… Liana wants help and it involves being in numerous dangerous situations. The book flicks from the present to the past explaining the mystery behind Liana’s disappearance twenty years ago and then explains her present situation.

Full of plot twists, I was hooked. I couldn’t get over what a bitch Lianna was and poor George fell hook, line and sinker for it… both times.

The plot was smart and the characters were fantastically thought out. I warmed to George quickly – he was sweet and dependable. I also loved his on and off again girlfriend; Irene, she was so faithful and calm… I wanted to shake George to his senses and make him realise how good he already had it!!!

I’ll admit I agree with my fellow bloggers that Swanson’s second (The Kind Worth Killing) and third (Her Every Fear) novels are even better than this one, but… what’s lovely is this shows that Swanson’s writing technique is maturing and improving with each novel he brings out. If anyone is interested in trying this fantastic psychological thriller author, I’d suggest starting with this one and then progressing in order… they just keep getting better!!!

Until next time, Chloé x


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