Mini Review – The Hiding Place 

It’s taken me a while to summarise my thoughts on this book. I was neither blown away by it, or disappointed by it.

The tale starts with Lise, who is working as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital. Her new patient; Jason, is causing her some concern – he has no paperwork in his file and avoids answering why he’s there.

Jason’s sister is a CIA agent who killed Jason’s partner – a terrorist. Now the bad guys are after Jason.

Except this tale isn’t what it seems, it’s full of deception and twists. Why I wasn’t blown away? I felt the twists were too obvious – the seeds were planted in a way that the plot flowered in my mind before I’d got even two thirds through.

It was a shame really, because the plot has potential – I just believe the chapters needed to be slightly more finessed.

I didn’t particularly warm to the main character; Lise, she was a tad brusque and became deeply obsessive over things – but perhaps this was intentional.

All in all, I wasn’t massively impressed by this book. It has action, it has psychological aspects and at times was fast paced… but it was lacking the strength of a mature thriller.

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. Interesting review…I hate it when stories are like that, I just lose patience. Are you on Goodreads?


    1. I completely lost my patience, which was an awful shame! I signed up years ago and then never got around to using it properly! Must make more of an effort… I’m trying to ‘up my game’ on twitter now which has been surprisingly positive with tweets from authors complimenting reviews and even a few books sent through in the post to review! Did you see my last review? Took your recommendation on board… loved Time’s Echo!!!!!

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      1. Ooh didn’t realise you’re on Twitter…do I follow you? I shall go and have a look right now because then I can share your reviews – I’ve found them really helpful 😺 I’m on Goodreads but I’m in two minds about it…I do feel it could be more user friendly. Right…going to look on Twitter…🐦🐦🐦


    1. Also think I’ve been an even bigger plantpot (🙈) and replied to my post not your reply. My twitter name is dougieDV…. you’d think I’d have sussed the WordPress app by now… but yet it still gets me..

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      1. Lol! Well, I have found and added you now…think you beat me though as I was distracted by Brian’s pictures – what a cutie! 💕🐶


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