Time’s Echo

Sometimes all you want to do is sit down and switch off from the world. This book allowed me to do just that, it was perfect. 

I was recommended this book by Samantha, and she must know my book style extremely well because I LOVED this book.

It’s not my usual psychological thriller, it’s a historical time slip novel – similar to Lucinda Riley – but with an added twist, the present character becomes possessed by the character in the past. When Grace goes to York to sell up her auntie’s house, she has no idea she’s going to be pulled into the past to discover Hawise’s tale.

Hawise is also living in York but back in 1577…! She’s a fantastically unusual character who seems to make the best of all the things thrown at her; unfortunately her ex-lover; Francis, and her sister; Agnes, seem to think Hawise has done too well in life and deserves to be punished.

Back in the present, Grace is baffled by being possessed. Rotten apples keep appearing around the house and she can wake back into her present life in some odd situations. She seeks comfort from the next door neighbours – Drew and his daughter Sophie – who knew her aunt well. Drew; a historian, can’t understand what’s going on with Grace and being a factual man, believes there has to be a scientific reason for her lapses… so he recommends she goes to see a psychiatrist. Grace does… and the psychiatrist doesn’t believe that she’s being possessed but believes it’s all linked to the traumatic event Grace suffered a few years back. It becomes apparent that being caught in a Tsunami has changed Grace’s perspective and personality greatly.

You have to see past the logical in this story, even though there is no scientific reason for it – it’s true that Hawise is trying to show Grace her life again. From her loving marriage to Ned, to her final day alive, Grace lives it all through Hawise’s body. It was hard not to become obsessed with this story – Hawise was strong, clever and an optimistic – I wanted to know more and more about her!!!

If I’m being completely honest, the first few pages were odd – it was a quick flip to a dangerous event – and I wasn’t 100% if I’d like it because it seemed jumpy and confusing, but this book is worth bearing with because I felt like I’d become possessed; myself, by this enchanting tale. It held me gripped until the very last page and left me craving for more from this author.

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. Oh no! I totally missed this! Great review and I am so pleased you enjoyed the book! Thank you for the shout out too 💕


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