Mini Review – The Hummingbird’s Cage

Well what a change of genre this was for me! Fleeing from an abusive husband (Jim), Joanna and daughter; Laurel, find themselves in Morro. It reminded me of the first episode of Once Upon A Time, entering a town that seems normal at first and then soon enough you realise it’s not quite what it seems.

In Morro, mother and daughter are taken care of by Olin and Jessie, who treat them like a daughter and granddaughter – it’s incredibly sweet. The wise couple teach Joanna to love, to laugh and to become strong again and, Laurel thrives in their company. When dashing Simon starts coming for weekly meals, it’s only a matter of time before you know what will happen.

I was absolutely devastated when the pair return to confront Jim, all I could think about was Simon… and the fact Joanna and Simon would never be together again. I shed a few tears. This is an emotional story centred around second chances and will touch the hearts of many. It’s unique and spiritual, if you like stories that breach into the afterlife – then you’ll enjoy this story.

… why couldn’t they stay in Morro 😭

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. Hmm will give it a go. Do you know, Once Upon A Time really annoyed me with the season 1 finale…so I never watched it again!


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