The Kind Worth Killing

After being blown away by Swanson’s most recent novel – Her Every Fear – I was quick to add his previous two to my TBR pile. I stared with The Kind Worth Killing after asking my fellow bloggers on twitter which was their favourite.

When Ted and Lily meet as strangers in the airport, Ted reveals all – his wife is having an affair and he’s incredibly angry. Lily states Miranda (the wife) seems like the kind worth killing and she’d be happy to help Ted plan it all… miraculously Ted thinks it’s a good idea. I mean… WOW… what a start. I was completely hooked after reading the first few pages, the plot was so strong and unusual I was compelled to keep reading page after page.

If I thought the start was good, I was ecstatic by the middle section – there was a HUGE plot twist half way through the story (I’m keeping tight lipped!!) and the fact that Swanson was daring enough to take an already incredible plot and send it off in a different direction, has sealed him as one of the most incredible psychological thriller writers currently out there. This is an incredibly complex plot which from the very first page continues to hurtle like a high speed rollercoaster twisting and turning until the final page.

I’m always a huge fan of ‘the past’ and ‘the present’ technique, I think it keeps a reader intrigued and demonstrates the strength and creativity of the writer by how he connects the two. Peter chose to use Lily’s past to explain why she might come out with the ‘book title phrase’ to Ted so quickly. I found Lily’s character fascinating, at first I had her pegged as a dark twisted individual but then my opinion began to change when I hear about her mother’s lodger. I’m not saying I loved her personality because there’s NO WAY I’d hang out with someone like her but I was impressed by her quick instincts, intelligence and ability to get away with murder… (literally).

I’m going to end this review short as I don’t want to even begin reviewing the second part of the book as it would be incredibly unfair to my fellow bookworms – so for all of you out there, go grab a copy – you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time, Chloé x



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