Somewhere in San Diego

First page and BOOM we’re thrown right into the action with the familiar Danny – one of the main characters from Somewhere in the Shallow Sea.

This time it’s Blake’s fiancée, Elizabeth who has been kidnapped until Danny and Blake deliver the latest data in relation to the Rx-18 compound (this compound seems to attract Drama… never mind fish!). If only it was as simple as supply the data and rescue Elizabeth… but no… there are two trained killers hot on Danny and Blake’s heels determined not to let either of them upload the data.

In the end Danny has to do something mortifying, he needs help from his ex Valerie – who he’s never quite got over (and it seems she hasn’t either!). The pair of them set off across San Diego determined to meet up with Blake without being detected by the ‘baddies’.

The two of them send messages to Blake of clues of where they can reunite… the problem is the messages are too cryptic sending both parties to different locations.

Danny and Valerie must try something different and ask others for help. Sadly the outcome is not always positive! Quick thinking and trust are the only factors than can save Elizabeth.

This is a fast paced plot which combines action and adventure with love and friendship. It’s very easy to divulge this book in one sitting and although there are a few steamy moments, this plot would suit all age groups (YA and up) as the writing style was simple, clear and convincing.

I’ve said in the past I’m not particularly interested in romance in novels but I think Dennis has got the right balance in this story for romance readers wanting to try something new with a more intriguing plot… although I’m not sure how it would go down with die hard fans of the action and adventure genre.

I particularly love the way Dennis manages to add in geographical and historical references throughout the book; a technique he also used in Somewhere in the Shallow Sea.

If you’ve got a long train journey or even a flight coming up soon, this would be the perfect filler to keep your mind busy.

Thank you Dennis for my copy, which I received in exchange for an honest review.

Until next time, Chloé x



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