I’ve been super lazy the last few weeks… I caught a nasty tummy bug and had a lot of deadlines in work so the thought of coming home and writing out reviews after typing for 8 hours in work was very unappealing. So I apologise for my vanishing act but I have returned!

When I saw an advertisement for Domina at a train station… I knew right then and there that I’d be straight on amazon to buy it; I was captivated by Maestra last year and eager to read the sequel.

Being stingy… I wanted free packaging which meant I needed to spend over £10… so I also bought Her Every Fear and The Girl Before, which totalled at £14.97 for three hardbooks and free postage – I was chuffed!

This is a combo review summing up my thoughts on Domina and Her Every Fear.


Not surprisingly I started with Domina. For any of you who haven’t read Maestra, this series is about a lady named Judith who has reinvented herself multiple times to get away with murder, deceit and live a rich life of luxury.

You’re probably thinking ‘I despise her already’… and looking back on both stories I’m surprised I didn’t; she’s nasty, devious and mildly narcissistic but she’s also quick thinking, cunning and surprisingly sweet to those she truly loves.

Domina starts with Judith living in Venice running an art gallery, she’s managed to flee her past and out run the French detective who had her tied to multiple murders. Everything seems pretty good, so something has to go wrong surely? Doesn’t take long for the plot to turn darker, a secretive Russian man (Yermolov) has asked Elisabeth (Judith’s new alias) to value his art collection and has made a few subtle hints that he knows of Judith’s past. Trying to refuse the offer, leaves Judith’s tutor/friend Masha brutally murdered – message received… Judith must do what she’s best at – RUN AND HIDE.

Tied directly to the plot of the first, Judith must rediscover a piece of artwork she stole by accident and prove to the Russians that this stolen artwork isn’t worth millions – it’s in fact a fake. Her brilliantly active mind allows her to think three steps ahead and discover who the weak link is that has given away her identity. With her information in place, Judith is ready to commence her most complex game yet with Yermolov but can she win it?

I loved this book, it was as addictive as the first and packed with suspense. I must warn my fellow bookworms that this book is not for young people, there are ‘intimate’ scenes within the story that are graphically described and ‘a bit out there’ to put it mildly. I loved that this second instalment also flicked to Judith’s childhood, building the complexity and depth of the main character allowing the reader to fully understand how she has become the strong and independent woman she is today.

I CANNOT wait for the third (and final) in the series… bring on next year!

Her Every Fear

This came up in the ‘you might also like’ section on amazon so I thought I’d give it a go. I LOVED IT, I’ve already ordered Swanson’s two other books – his writing style is detailed, captivating and up there with some of the greats… if any of you are after a psychological thriller to add to your TBR list… please, please, please take my advice and give one of Peter’s books a go.

Kate decides to do a flat swap with her distant cousin, Corbin. She lives in London and he lives in Boston, it all sounds terribly adventurous and exciting… and that’s why it’s so hard for Kate. When Kate was in university, her ex-boyfriend stalked her and locked her in a cupboard whilst he committed suicide on the other side of the door, not surprisingly Kate finds trusting people and going to new places hard. So, it’s extremely rotten luck; when she decides to the flat swap, that she arrives at Corbin’s apartment building to discover his next door neighbour has been brutally killed – Audrey.

When Kate discovers from a neighbour; Alan, that Corbin had been having a secretive relationship with Audrey and didn’t it seem suspicious that he left for London the day she was murdered… Kate’s mind goes on overdrive…. it doesn’t help when she talks to Corbin and he denies having anything to do with her. But wait. It all seems too simple, it’s as if someone wants the police to believe Corbin killed Audrey.

The story flashes to Corbin’s perspective and delves back into his university days. I’m going to stop here before I give away any more, because I was truly blown away by this plot and didn’t see it coming at all.

This is a tale of revenge whilst being full of deceit, obsession and self sacrifice. I was captivated from the start to the final page and was shocked by the decadent writing style – a thoroughly complex and well thought out plot.


I’m now reading The Girl Before and crossing my fingers that it lives up to expectations and means I’ve bought a trio of cracking thrillers… I shall update in a few days.

Has anyone else read either of these books or even The Girl Before? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Again, thanks for all of your support – I appreciate every view, like and comment I receive and couldn’t ask for a nicer blogging family. I’ve decided to ‘up my twitter game’ and tweet a bit more between posts. You can find me over there: @dougieDV my profile will be full of pics of Brian (the dog), updates on books I’m reading/finished/bought and a few retweets for giveaways – so pop over if you’re inclined!

Until next time, Chloé x

P.S. my TBR list atm…

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