I have fallen in love with a very special part of the world, Kerala. Kerala is a state located in the south of India and looks out onto the beautiful Malabar Coast.

Kerala was a beautiful place to visit. The people were incredibly friendly; the land is flourishing in colour and is a pure delight to look at; the food is packed full of flavours whilst not being overly spicy.

Whilst I was there, I discovered yoga and went to classes each evening – although I found some of the poses rather strenuous on my unused muscles I have never felt so relaxed in my life!

I will never forget the memories created over there; from staying overnight on a river boat; to trying the most incredible vegetarian curries; to being able to watch Indian dances… I was truly spoilt for choice!

Here are some of my favourite photos… let me know your favourite! P.S. the facial expression on the Indian palm squirrel still cracks me up!!!

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  1. It looks beautiful!! I would love to go…definitely on my list of places to visit…and I can’t choose, they all look wonderful! 🐱 xx


  2. Oh my goodness… this is all so beautiful I cannot stand it! It also makes me want to A. travel and B. go back to India. I went to Chennai and Madurai a couple years ago, and I feel like I left a piece of myself there. Thank you tons for sharing this, Chloe. It’s amazing.


    1. It was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. I keep having flashbacks and missing the daily routine over there! I have heard good things about Chennai, I definitely want to go back to India to discover more of it…. it’s so huge!!

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