My Husband’s Secret

The second book I read on my holiday 🌴 and boy (but first review – still not sure on my feelings towards Black Eyed Susans), oh boy did I enjoy it! I divulged this in under a day and was completely spell bound by the characters. 
This book had come up in my ‘customers also bought’ section on amazon when I had selected Black Eyed Susans. After reading the first few chapters I wasn’t entirely sure how this even fitted into the mystery/thriller genre and it seemed to be a tale of three women – Rachel, Cecelia and Tessa, even though it’s clear Cecelia’s husband is hiding something BIG, it still had a rom com style feel to it; and in retrospect (now that I’ve finished it) it still left me with that vibe because there’s a lot of ‘love drama’ going on in this plot! Nevertheless, I was hooked by the day to day drama of these women’s lives and was unable to sleep until I’d discovered John-Paul’s secret.
I’d be lying if I said it was a surprise when the big secret was revealed as I was 99% sure I’d guessed it right within the first 50 pages but… you always need to know that you’re right! 
This story had mystery but it also had a sparkle of wit flowing through the pages. It was remarkably funny to read the thoughts of the characters, two of my most favourite scenes were: the ludicrous idea of Tessa, Will and Felicity sharing a house together – for goodness sake why would a wife want to live with her husband’s lover?!?; and a very early on scene where Cecelia can hear her three skinny daughters watching Biggest Losers on tv whilst they munch on a family size pack of crisps – her thoughts are extremely amusing to read as she touches on the irony of it all.
Whilst this story was mainly light hearted, it also had a river of sorrow flowing through it. Janie had been killed as a young girl. Nobody knew who or why she’d been killed. As the truth comes out, it pulls at your heart strings to hear the pathetic reason her life was taken. 
And finally… I particularly liked the use of the epilogue, it answered the ‘what ifs’ and was a refreshing change from the usual lookahead endings. It looked at what if Rachel’s daughter hadn’t died, what if people hadn’t got married and how destiny might have changed for all the characters. It was thought provoking whilst also providing closure to the plot. 
A good holiday read and an author to add to my good list! I also read the insert page and discovered she was the genius behind the drama currently on tv now – Big Little Lies – which my mum has been raving about… I think I’ve found my next show to watch!!
Until next time, Chloé x


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