Small Great Things

I’ll be honest, I’ve never read one of Picoult’s stories before; not intentionally, they just seem to have fallen under my radar for some reason. So I was pleasantly surprised when I whipped this book out to read and received multiple comments about what a fantastic writer she is – I thought I was in for a treat.

As I’ve never read one of her books before I’m not sure if this story is her usual style – i.e. a court case filled with the backstories of the defendent, the defense lawyer and the complainant party. Being a huge Grisham fan, I was ‘right at home’ with this style. I loved it. 

This is the unfortunate tale of Ruth, a nurse who has been in the profession for twenty years being accused of murdering a baby; from aggressive CPR, in the hospital. Why is the case more shocking? The complainant party; Turk and Brit, are white supremacists, who believe Ruth killed their baby due to them requesting her to be taken off their service… because she’s black… and bringing race into the courtroom is a whole different ballpark

This story has got the usual adrenaline associated with the assemblance of court evidence – it’s so satisfying when there is a break in the case – but it’s also got a more thought provoking message about thinking what it’s like to be in the other person’s shoes…. it’s unbelievably powerful.

When Kennedy; the defense lawyer, is brought into the picture and you realise this is her first murder case, I was surprisingly motivated by her character – she took any new challenge as a positive, her enthusiasm and ambition was intoxicating. 

This book is full of inspirational characters who each go down their own path of discovery and emerge as wiser and more open people. Although I think the most dramatic change is seen in Turk, I was personally more effected by Kennedy’s transformation – it was subtle but eye opening at the same time.

I stayed up late reading this book, it was THAT good and the depth of the story was utterly spellbinding. 

If any of you out there have read Picoult’s books before, please let me know if her stories have a similar plot setting as I’m keen to order a few more! 

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. She seems to do either legal ones or emotional ones…not seen this one so thank you for the review 🙂


      1. There was one called “Lone Wolf” or something like that that was good…also try “My Sister’s Keeper” 🙂


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