The Breakdown

I was so excited to read this book, after being captivated by Behind Closed Doors, and was eager to see if it would live up to expectations. As I read the first few pages, I was intrigued to see where the story was going to go – I now rarely read blurbs of authors I’ve read before as I hate ruining the surprise!

When Cassie drives past a car parked on the road, she contemplates stopping but decides against it. Next day, she wakes up to discover that the woman inside the car has been brutally murdered, and even worse Cassie knew her. The guilt Cassie feels begins to eat her up inside. Along with random lapses of memory and silent phone calls, Cassie begins to lose her mind… but is she losing it because of a medical reason or is somebody behind it all? Further more how does it link to the murdered woman?

This book had me on tenterhooks, I became suspicious of all the characters – the ones Cassie was suspicious of and also all of her friends and family… there was something fishy going on.

I finished this story in less than a day, I was utterly addicted to finding out what was going on and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I’d read the final pages.

Did it live up to expectations? YES! This was a first class psychological thriller, which filled me with doubt, fear and suspicion. It’s also surprisingly different to Behind Closed Doors whilst keeping the mature writing technique, which means Paris has established herself as an author that can churn out high quality unique plots, I can not wait to see what she brings out next!

Until next time, Chloé x



    1. That’s a shame. I’m currently about half way through reading Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough, have you tried any of her books? It’s turning out to be a very creepy and mind tricking psychological thriller!


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