The Trap – Mini Book Review

Imagine you’re a successful author? Imagine you spot the man who murdered your sister on tv as a news reporter? What would you do? Well Linda decides to write a book depicting the murder and how she would catch the murderer and then asks for the man to interview her…

There’s no concept of time in this book, it flits betweens the ‘in-built’ fictional story and the moment where Linda meets the murderer ‘in real life’. It’s nail bitingly good with huge plot curveballs thrown in, to make the reader doubt Linda’s adamancy on who the killer is.

Following the death of her sister (Anna), Linda becomes a recluse, distancing herself further and further from the real world until she doesn’t leave her house at all. There are often times where her mind will have conversations with itself and she’s well known for making up stories and believing that they were real life. This perception of Linda doesn’t allow the reader to fully believe Linda’s tale of events.

Whilst the dynamics of the sisters’ relationship is explored, we realise the only calm and trustworthy character is Detective Julian and when he fails to pick up Linda’s phone calls… that’s not looking good for her innocence…

Ooooh this really was a whirlwind, fast paced psychological thriller where the reader has to decide what’s real and what’s fiction right up to the final chapters.

This has my 10/10 seal of approval!

Until next time, Chloé x


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