Foxglove Summer

I felt like I was catching up with old friends when I read this book, because DC Peter Grant is so likeable and relatable it’s hard not to feel like he’s one of your mates.

After the shocking ending of the fourth book; Broken Homes, I wondered how the plot would pan out in this book. I was pleasantly surprised that Aaronovitch chose to spin the story off to a new police case, rather than delving straight into understanding the huge dynamic shift… however he was clever enough to drop hints throughout the book to remind us that it wasn’t over yet!

The police case in question for this book was two missing girls in a small town in Hereford. What seems like a standard non-magic case turns out to be the complete opposite with unicorns, changelings and fae being behind the trickery. It’s the same formula as the other four plots: Peter pokes his nose in the case, conducts some questionable experiments, gets into a heap of trouble and someone saves him… although this time Beverley is his saviour, rather than Nightingale – the usual culprit!

It’s witty, sarcastic, modern and a fresh take on the fantasy world that I believe works incredibly well. The balance between every day ramble, police business and magic is spot on – it flows so life-like that it feels believable enough that this kind of work could truly exist.

Although the cases within these books don’t possess the shocking 180 twists that other thriller books do, there is enough of the character suspicion sneaked in, for example I truly believed that the granddaughter; of the retired wizard who lived in the case area, was up to no good! This series is a chilled out approach to the thriller genre, it’s a relaxing and enjoyable read – plus it’ll make you snort with laughter!

Oh and finally (!!!) Beverley and Peter have become a ‘proper’ item! Hoorah!

Until next time, Chloé x



    1. So glad you love the series as much as me! Yes I saw it was out here in the UK but I’m being OCD and waiting for it to come out in paperback as I’ve got the five other books in pb so wanted them to all be the same on my bookshelf!!

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