The Dog who Dared to Dream

From survivor eyes in an end of the world scenario to through the eye’s of a young pup in the current world… I couldn’t have picked two books more far apart! After finishing Station Eleven, I felt like something calming and animated and when I started this book, I sure felt that’s what I’d got!

I can imagine this would be perfect to read whilst studying English in the later years of school because although it seems light hearted; it carries some strong messages surrounding friendship, family, culture, death and also, loneliness.

This is the tale of Scraggly and her adventures through puppyhood into motherhood. From the moment when her mother and fellow siblings are stolen, to the moment she’s reunited with one of her own pups, my heart and mind felt like it had been on an emotional rollercoaster.

I don’t want anyone to think for a second that because this is from the eye’s of a dog that it’s got a childlike quality, it’s unmistakably a tale with emotions felt by dog and man alike with a maturity only an experienced author can pull off. There are, however, some rather fantastic animal characters in this story: Sister-in-law; the hen, is sassy and head strong whilst the old cat brings a sense of wisdom mixed with sarcasm.

The deep lifeline connection between Scraggly and Grandpa Screecher (her owner) felt so raw and real, my eyes were welling at the final page. It was unbelievably pure. I recommend everyone give this story a go, it will capture your heart in a soul searching way (and at only 167 pages it’s a quick read too!).

Until next time, Chloé x



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