Somewhere in the shallow sea

Firstly I must thank Dennis for sending me a copy of his book – it’s always extremely exciting to read the works of a new author and I’ll say outright that I was mightily impressed by the maturity of the writing technique and thoroughly enjoyed the plot.

Imagine something that can be used to save fishing populations? Imagine if it fell into the wrong hands it could do the complete opposite? Imagine your best friend gets kidnapped and the thugs aren’t just demanding money but also your invention… ok scene set… let’s meet Danny, who is desperate to save his friend Blake and willing to hand over his Rx-18 compound nicknamed ‘the cube’.

Danny flies straight to the Philippines with the cube; where Blake is being held captive by Commander Berto and his thugs, and is thrown straight down memory lane with the arrival of his ex fiancée Helen (Blake’s cousin) – who holds the bank details for the family’s cash. Both must work together to save Blake and the sizzling tension between the pair adds to the thrill of the chase. Throughout the book, the reader is given an education on the traditions and history of the Philippines and aspects of marine biology – which only added to the appeal of the book.

With its race against the clock and hopping around the world vibe – this is a pure page turner. The added dimension of a further ‘baddie’ – Dr Klein; an old teacher, created a complex and twisting plot. I throughly enjoyed this story because of its ‘so close yet so far’ plot turns, there were numerous occasions where I thought Blake was minutes away from being released and then something would go horrifically wrong and Danny was back to square one.

Dennis has successfully stitched romance into a thriller with an academic thread – the combination is a pure delight… definitely one to place on the TBR pile!

Until next time, Chloé x



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