Christmas at Carrington’s

Now a warning to you fellow bloggers… I am indeed reading chick lit instead of my usual thriller genre. I LOVE reading Christmas books at this time of the year because they get me in the festive mood and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… I’d stop reading now if you’re a Scrooge! But alas, once you’ve read the classics and the odd Christmas fave (Skipping Christmas by Grisham), there isn’t much left bar the chick lits… and therefore I give in to the world of Christmas romance!

Everything is going well for Georgie, she’s got a gorgeous boyfriend (her boss)… who has just given her the cutest kitten, it’s Christmas time and her friends are happy… but wait… something has to go wrong otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a story… would it?

When Georgie sits down in front of the TV, she’s not expecting to be confronted with her bum waggling all over the screen on a reality show to makeover Carrington’s where she works … and to find out her boyfriend knew about it all along…. OUCH! With only eight weeks to go until Christmas, it’s not looking great for the broken hearted Georgie.

Then again, becoming an unexpected star of a reality TV show has it perks: a makeover, free bags and a date with a famous singer… Georgie decides to make the most of it to get over her heartache.

This book was a full on Christmas chick lit, packed with drama, feel good moments and a sprinkle of magic. The writing style was pretty good, with a flowing plot and some nice descriptions – there wasn’t much I could complain about. The characters were down to earth and believable, with many having similar characteristics to some acquaintances I know!

I was surprised by the ‘hook ability’ of this book, I’m so used to bringing down chick lits stating they just don’t have the page turner quality that thrillers do… but I finished this book in less than 2 days and although it didn’t have the nail biting tension that a thriller has, it made up for it with the emotional connection and fairytale ‘feel good’ style.

I’m feeling super Christmassy right now and I’m looking forward to reading the four other Christmas themed books sat on my shelf!

Until next time, Chloé x


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