The Whistler

It feels like a long time since I posted a book review and… it has been! Over the past two weeks I’ve attempted to read The Essex Serpent and The Whistler. I don’t believe for a second that it’s a fault of these books because they’re both written by incredible authors, the fault lies with me – I’ve just not been enjoying reading. I’ve been unable to switch off when reading and therefore I give up after a few pages and result to watching TV/YouTube or chatting to family and friends… and then it becomes a new habit, making it even harder to pick up a book!

But alas, a long trek on a train soon restores my love of books and I’m glad to say I’ve finished The Whistler by Grisham. As some of you know, Grisham is my all time favourite author – he introduced me to the thriller genre, amazed me with his unique writing style and never fails to produce an outstanding plot. The Whistler is the eighteenth book I’ve read by Grisham and it’s up there in my top five favourites from him.

Greg Myers contacts Lacy and Hugo from the Board of Judicial Conduct with a claim that will change their lives: a crooked judge is connected to murder, money laundry and much worse… it’s an intriguing tale and one that unravelled into a shocking and complex race against time.

What I liked most about this book was Grisham shook it up a little, he killed off a key character and I did NOT see that coming. There was the right balance between everyday life and the captivating thriller plot which meant you got to understand and fall in love with the characters, allowing you to understand their actions. You got to follow the accused, the defendant, the FBI and the lawyers which gave a versatile mix of opinions and personalities. I enjoyed being able to read the viewpoint from the accused with them having no clue of how the case was building up against them… it was amusing to think they believed they wouldn’t get caught.

Grisham has this crazy way of making the first sentence of every chapter captivate his audience, which means you read chapter after chapter after chapter! I always finish his books thinking ‘damn I wish I was a lawyer’! But then I guess it’s not as exciting in real life…

Hopefully this is the end of my non reading phase! Check back in a few days to see….!

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. I love Grisham’s books.I have read all apart from Gray Mountain and Whistler.Glad to hear that you enjoyed this one despite being in a reading slump.Great review and I hope your reading mood is back now 🙂

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