The Night Book – Mini Review

I agreed with the statements of praise for this book, it’s definitely perfect for a holiday read. I found this book to be a pleasure to read, with the plot having the right balance of seriousness and simplicity which meant it was an easy page turner – I finished this book in two sittings.

A natural phenomenon has occurred up in the Lake District which leads to multiple deaths – all accidental – but are they? Meriel’s husband verbally and emotionally abuses her but with no physical proof she feels she’s unable to leave him without it causing repercussions to her career, which she loves. When her husband suffers the same fate as the other swimmers, it seems Meriel’s wish has been granted but was it it nature or a human act?

I’m making it sound like the book seeks to find this answer but in actual fact you’re presented the answer at the time of the event… I’m just trying not to give away the whole plot!!

With a diminished marriage, it’s not surprising that Meriel has a lover and it’s the lover; Seb, who seeks the truth with his journalist instinct pushing him to connect the dots. So what’s the title all about it? The Night Book is Meriel’s diary which holds the key to unlocking the secrets.

This book flowed incredibly well: the characters were well developed, the structure of the plot was well thought out and even the whirlwind romance between Meriel and Seb seemed realistic… the whole story was believable and possible, I LOVED it.

Sadly though, it’s one of those books that I probably won’t remember in a years time because the plot didn’t do enough to stand out, there wasn’t a single plot twist and it didn’t require me to think.

To end on a high… going back to my opening sentence…. this will make a perfect holiday read.

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. This book sounded so good…but I got half way through and it just didn’t hold my interest…good review though! 🙂


      1. Loved it!! Thoroughly unexpected twist, she’s definitely an author to look out for. Hope she writes the next one quickly!


  2. Ooh this sounds interesting, sometimes filler books are required to space out all of the heavy reading! Like you said, they’re especially good for holidays where you just kind of want to relax. The cover looks gorgeous as well! Kind of reminds me of the cover of ‘Night Film’.

    Fleur @ FranklyBooks just posted SISTERS & CAKE | THE SIREN BY KEIRA CASS


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