The Seven Sisters

Following reading The Storm Sister; which is the second in the Seven Sisters series, I mentioned that I was keen to buy the first book The Seven Sisters and I’ve finally got around to reading it.

The story follows Maia as she sets off on an adventure to discover her true heritage, after she receives a set of coordinates and a clue from her father. This leads Maia to a grand and spectacular old house in Rio occupied by a very sick old lady and her maid. As the book unfolds and Maia finds out her connection to the old lady, we’re given a fantastic story combining fact and fiction linking to the construction of the Cristo Redentor.

As the book turns back in history, we’re introduced to Izabela; who craves adventure, but being a young lady in the 1920s there’s only so much she can get away with. When her fiancé agrees to let her go to Paris with her friend’s family, Izabela jumps at the opportunity. Izabela arrives in Paris naïve, innocent and out of her comfort zone and therefore it’s not surprising when she falls in love with Laurent, a young sculptor. With Izabela already promised to another man in Rio and Laurent located in Paris, it seems unlikely that their love will last….

Maia is fascinated by Izabela’s love story and keen to know how it fits into her history with the handsome Floriano by her side and the maid finally opening up, Maia discovers a past that is full of happiness, passion and sadness.

Riley has perfected the skill of out thinking the reader, i.e. she allows the reader to think the book is going in a certain direction and then steers off in another, for example I thought Maia’s relationship with Zed was going to form a larger part of the plot.

I found writing the review on The Storm Sister quite difficult, it was hard to put in to words and summarise a book that had enchanted and captured my heart and I felt the same way whilst I wrote this review. I would recommend this series to all – it’s got romance, it’s got mystery and it’s got adventure all wrapped up in one well written package.

Until next time, Chloé x



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