I was going to start this blog by commenting on the colour of the cover but after a quick google, it seems the usual cover is more traditional and I must have just been unlucky with the copy I picked up; I personally don’t think highlighter yellow is a good look!

I loved the concept of this book… Catherine has picked up a book from her bedside table and when she begins to read it, she discovers that the main character (Charlotte) is based on her – what an incredible plot starter!

Another treat this book presented – and a refreshing one at that – was instead of having the usual build up of a story trying to find out who was framing the main character, this book spinned it round. Within the first quarter of the book, you knew exactly who had wrote the book, why they had and more importantly, Catherine knew who it was.

The story builds up the reactions of the people closest to Catherine, when they realise the book is a spiteful jab at revealing a secret that Catherine has never divulged with any of them. At the same time, we’re presented with the author’s (the author within the book!) thoughts on how to make the book make a bigger impact and extracts of the book begin to get longer, so that the reader can begin to discover what is making Catherine act so manic when she sees the book.

Although it’s quite clear from the start, that the person who wrote the book is definitely insane – whether you suss that out from the way he goes about seeking revenge or the fact that he talks to his dead wife or that he sets up a Facebook for his dead son and pretends to be him, it’s obvious that the one thing he’s sure about is the story and with Catherine acting bitchy and cold, it’s easy enough to believe in the story.

The build up to finding what Catherine is truly hiding makes this book fit the definition of a ‘page turner’. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was fresh, fast paced and beautifully written.


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