Hester & Harriet

I’m an avid bookworm; I read on average a book a week (more when I’m off work!), which when you think about it, it’s a crazy amount of books to remember by the end of a year!

Which led me to the idea of creating a blog, I’ll call it a generic lifestyle blog…because I don’t want to get tied down in the details if I end up posting about a holiday or a shopping splurge…but as you can imagine, there will be a lot of book review posts. This blog’s main purpose is to become my extended memory; so I never forget a good book, but if it provides anyone else with some enjoyment or ideas… Even better!

I’d like to start by reviewing the book that I was reading whilst I had my light bulb moment; and that was Hester and Harriet. It’s a book I picked up on a whim because I liked the cover (roll your eyes, if you will!) and the blurb reminded me of the movie: Ladies in Lavender. For those who haven’t watched Ladies in Lavender – it’s a movie about two elderly sisters who come across a person in need; who speaks very little English and they offer him a place to stay, friendship and encouragement. All in all, a heart warming feel good plot and I was hoping this book would provide a similar performance.

Did it? To answer the question simply…yes!

The scene is set with two loveable, slightly nuts and partial to a good glass of wine sisters; who are on their way to a party that they would do anything to get out of… Cue the person in need; Daria from Belarus and her baby, Milo.

As the tale unravels, it’s revealed that Daria is in a bit of a pickle with the baby’s father and immigration. And another person in need enters…in the form of Ben; the sisters’ cousin’s son, that they simply call the nephew. Ahh…. let me not forget the quirky homeless man, who can elegantly let a Shakespearean inspired phrase roll off his tongue, who also requires the sisters’ services.

Through the book, the sisters help Daria to understand her problems and Ben becomes no longer a grumpy teenager but a young man who has passions that even he didn’t know about.

What I like most about this book, is how the writer lays out the sister’s personalities, early on so as we progress in the book and a new drama unfolds…you can almost tell what Hester and Harriet’s reactions will be and chuckle when you’re right.

It reads beautifully and spends just the right amount of time on each chapter, making you want to read the next chapter and the one after…and maybe one more before it’s time to go to bed or jump off your train!

I think I’ll be watching out for Hilary’s next addition!

I’d love to hear if anyone else has read this book! I’m kept my review to a minimum since it’s my first blog post but will be going into greater detail in future…. trying very hard not to reveal any huge plot spoilers!

Until next time… Chloe x

P.S. I’m currently reading The Wishing Game by Patrick Redmond, a psychological thriller… and so far just as good as The Replacement!



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